Dr. Iain Palmer

With thirteen years of experience in podiatry Dr. Palmer is knowledgeable in many issues and concerns with the feet. Graduating from the University of Salford, UK in 2000, Dr. Palmer focused studies on sports medicine, biomechanics, and diabetes. He also has worked for the Health authority in England in previous years, and is now a consultant for Manitoba Blue cross for orthotics and orthopedic footwear. Also being active in skiing and running, Dr. Palmer knows the pain that athletes face and knows many ways on how to reduce pain and strain on the joints. Dr. Palmer likes to use the most modern and up to date technology in his clinic. An example of that is being the only podiatrist in central Canada with the certification to use the Cutera Genesis Plus laser for fungal nails and wart treatments. Dr. Palmer is happily married with three adorable children, so he is comfortable in treating children as well as adults in clinic. Patients comfort is important to Dr. Palmer, and he will always do his best to make sure your experience in the clinic is positive, and that all your concerns are addressed.

Gayle FIks

You can always look forward to a warm and friendly smile from Gayle when walking into Palmer Foot Clinic. With over ten years of experience working with Dr. Palmer, gayle is able and willing to help answer any questions you may have. The patients comfort is extremely important to Gayle, and daily she makes it her duty to make that happen with discretion and professionalism. Gayle is very knowledgeable and always willing to help with insurance and common questions about pre and post appointment concerns.