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Spenco insoles, Spenco sandles, Medi pads, Spenco shoes:
-All focused on giving the proper support for the feet.  Sandles and footwear ideal for wearing around the home, and can be worn outdoors as well as products are fashionable. 
Dormer creams, Footlogix foot paddle:   Ideal for dry feet and heels, hands, and basically all over.  Even have one available with Spf that is great for using on the face. 
 FootLogix anti-fungal foam, footlogix anti-fungal tincture spray: Used as a method to reduced the risk of getting nail fungus.  As well as what is recommended for use after a laser surgery for fungal nails as a means to help protect against re-infection. 
 Steri-Shoe:  For use to kill bacteria in footwear using UV light.  Its the most natural way of getting rid of the bacteria that causes fungus and smelly feet. 
Comfort fit socks/diabetic socks:  comfortable socks that are made of breathable material and designed for diabetic feet.  They allow the feet to breath.