Magnetic Bio Therapy

Magnetic Bio-Stimulation

Magnetic Bio-StimulationYou try to eat healthy, natural food; get enough exercise; and use nature-based products on your skin. When it comes to dealing with pain, you don’t want to ingest a lot of chemicals or have medication injected into your tissue. If you’d rather encourage your body’s own cells to do the work of healing, magnetic bio-stimulation may be a treatment you want to try for that nagging pain that doesn’t seem to go away.

Nature’s Electrical Impulses

We aren't talking about lightning storms here, but there are tiny electric currents that flow through your cells every second. Your heart wouldn’t beat without them, and all the functions in your body are dependent on your neurons correctly sending and receiving messages to and from other cells. This electric “grid” in your body also helps you heal when tissues are damaged.

Helping the Flow

When you have injured yourself, cells in the area may not be working to their full potential. While medications may help dull the pain damaged tissue can cause, magnetic bio-stimulation (MBS) seeks to improve the condition of your cells so they can function properly and reduce your pain.

The goal is to create an environment where your cells can function normally again. A combination of laser beams and magnetic impulses goes deep into your body to activate the electric charges in your cells to a more normal level. This can help improve the condition and flow of blood through your veins, bringing oxygen and nutrients that the cells need for growth and repair. Healthy tissue functions as it should without pain.

Conditions Treated with MBS

Study is ongoing to find the best uses for magnetic bio-stimulation therapy. At the Palmer Foot Clinic we use it for conditions like heel pain from plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, helping promote healing for sprains & strains, and relieving leg and foot pain from diabetic neuropathy. It can also be helpful to treat cartilage damage from arthritic conditions and to treat open wounds.

The therapy is a simple procedure. Your foot or ankle is positioned inside the hoop—a round, short drum (like a giant bangle bracelet shape). Invisible magnetic impulses are sent from the control panel at the correct level through this ring, deep into your tissue, and even into your bones, affecting them at the molecular level. Circulation is stimulated, and the exchange of ions between the inside and outside cell walls is improved. The treatment can be combined with infrared rays to promote even better healing.

If you live in the Winnipeg area, and suffer with chronic pain that isn't responding well to other conservative treatments, give Podiatrist Iain Palmer a call. We can evaluate your lower limbs, determine what is causing the problem, and see if you are a candidate for magnetic bio-stimulation. We want to help your body heal itself, so call the Palmer Foot Clinic in Winnipeg, today at (204) 697-0649. You will be glad you did when you are able to walk again without pain!