Barefoot, minimalist, long-distance, recreational, tempo runs, and marathon training—today’s runner has a myriad of options. The increasing desire to get into shape and stay healthy has many Canadians hitting the streets in search of their running groove. Perhaps it’s the low overhead of the sport—a good pair of shoes is all you need, or maybe the exhilaration of pushing your body to its limit. One thing is sure—running is here to stay.

Good for the Health, Hard on the Feet

Running improves your overall condition, and has been shown to help you sleep, lower blood pressure, increase bone strength and lung capacity, and has even been linked to better eye health. It’s no wonder that people of all ages choose this activity to stay in shape.

Striking the pavement or navigating the trails, the feet and ankles withstand enormous stress during each run. Yet, many people ignore pain in their lower extremities and propel themselves headlong into a life of chronic pain. Don’t allow this to be your story. Find help today, so that you can stay on the move into your golden years.

The number of people that compete in 5km, 10km, half marathon events, and even marathons continues to rise each year.  Running long distances puts a lot of demand on your body, and unfortunately injuries do happen.  Common sites of injury include the hips, knees, ankles, and most frequently, the feet.  The pressure of your feet striking the ground with the full force of your body can have damaging effects as your running distance and frequency increases. But should you fear running?

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Fear can be a healthy thing if it keeps you from pushing your body too far. Fear of chronic pain, or the fear of not treating an injury, may propel you to seek help immediately when you experience symptoms of a running injury. However, fear can also be a dangerous hindrance if it keeps you from finding the source of your discomfort. Palmer Foot Clinic can help!

Whether your crazy schedule keeps you away, or you think treatment will cost too much, the true price of not seeking help will be paid through loss of mobility and ongoing pain. Early treatment of running injuries such as Achilles tendonitis and heel pain can almost always consists of conservative measures. Choose to ignore or run through the pain, and the cost to your health and your wallet rises exponentially.

Palmer Foot Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba welcomes runners. We’ll address your fears, diagnose any problems, and treat your foot and ankle symptoms. Our expert staff understands your love for this sport, and we’ll help get you back on track and racing toward your next running goal. Call (204) 697-0649 today to schedule an appointment.